#miyavi review at irving plaza

The line for Miyavi when we arrived was just from the venue up past the little Japanese restaurant on the corner. There were people hanging in front of the venue all day long. I spoke to a co-miyavi fan and he stated he was there Saturday helping out with the other band that played the day before.

Happy to see a lot of the same faces that show up at each venue. Some faces missing, some faces glad I didn’t get to see.

The people in line in front of us looked annoyed and bored.

I was nervous of not being able to meet with Miyavi. I thought I had jinxed myself by telling the world previously I was going to meet him. I was one of the four lucky myvcrew members who won the special lottery. But I had sent emails and never received a response about interviewing, time of the meet and greet, etc etc.

At the venue, there were crew or staff members taking photos!! Videos. I think they recorded the whole show.

I had a recording device on me. I wanted to interview Miyavi at the end of the show, I got caught and had to coat check it. Which, had all the things I wanted Miyavi to sign in it. We can get back to the bag later.

We were in and there was a long line for the merchandise. I was shocked to see no more extra larges of the photo t of miyavi, so i got a large for me, and 2 of the print t shirts. We put on our shirts and went to get out drink.

The sign had shows that were coming up! No Vamps , no Dir En Grey , no Oblivion Dust.

Then at 8pm Miyavi’s music was starting to play

People scream, Miyavi appears and the lights flash. We are instantly told to JUMP and did for most of the night. His music was really awesome. He played his newest tracks, and a lot of older tracks. They were tight and Miyavi is a great guitar player. He had some words during the show that were very thoughtful and heart moving. He is very passionate about making the world a better place. Peace on earth, and experimenting with music. His English is great, I am happy he has spoken a lot and told us of his accomplishments. His stories were honest and from the heart. Like his guitar playing.

The show ended and it was time for the meet and greet. Everyone disapeared and I had got my bag out of coat check just before the end of the show. I had to ask the woman who told me to coat check my bag where do we go for the meet and greet. She yelled AT THE BAR so we go to the bar. Then they tell us to get to the end of the line. Then they have us move further back. We keep on going backwards, then the roadies are screaming at us to move because they have to move the equipment and we are in the way. BoBo appears and waves.

I meet and give out my card to fellow myv crew members. Then another Japanese women appears. Speaks no English but she is so nice. There is a woman who has nothing for miyavi to sign , but had a nice bag for the kids for Miyavi. A boy who made this beautiful jacket for miyavi. He is very stylish and had the most beautiful eyes. He was fun, he kept on telling me about how is mother is texting him asking if he has given the jacket to miyavi

FC member: I almost got kicked in the head by miyavi
FC member’s mother: but did you give him the jacket

Is what he was telling me. We were cracking up waiting in line keeping that joke going up until we had to meet Miyavi.

I was so happy to finally be able to see him again, i met him last year in Boston, and you know there was no way in hell he remembers me. I told him the show was awesome, i shook his hand and he asked me if i had fun. I had 2 items for him to sign(actually 5) but the person who took my phone said only 1 item to be signed. I went with unbroken DVD, idk why. He was like, how do you spell Sakura, i told him you can just write whatever it’s all good, I told them I was a DJ and  i host #iheartjrock. They were interested, I asked if I could give Meev my card, the guy who took my camera again said, ‘I’ll take it.’ Then taking my photo, they were making fun of how slow my phone was. There were 2 that were taken, meev made a joke. I shook his hand again and told him to ‘Come Back Soon’ And he agreed to do that. The staff and him said goodbye and thank you and I was out the door.

I heard the boy behind me giving the jacket to Miyavi.


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