#IHEARTJROCK playlist for 8/18

Aeronauts “Motor Girl”
from Action You (KaTsuRaGi)

Honeydew “fireworks”
from Time to Tell Single (Water Valley Sounds 2015)

from amber

Dezert “アカ” Single

The GazettE “Inside Beast”
from Beautiful Deformity (Sony Music Records) R

The GazettE “The Mortal”
from Ninth (2018)

Oblivion Dust “Helium Love”
from Misery Days (motorod)

Oblivion Dust “crazy”
from Reborn (motorod)

J “Now And Forever”
from Now And Forever – Single Single (2018) N

UNiTE “ice”
from UNiVERSE Single (Danger Crue Records girugamesh.jp/ 2015) R

Initial’L “can you feel it” Single N R

Ijen Kai “Blackmetal”
from blackmetal Single

Kanon Wakeshima “Still Doll (Album)”
from Shinskoku Dolce (Maru Music / Sakura) R


MYTH & ROID “Styx Helix”
from eYe’s Single (KADOKAWA 2015) R

MYTH & ROID “Crazy Scary Holy Fantasy”
from eYe’s Single (KADOKAWA 2015) R

RUEED “Mastermind”
from Mastermind – Single (2018) N

HeavensDust “Before I Die (Re:Incarnation Mix) [feat. Stephen]”
from Re: Burn (Invicta One Records www.heavensdust.net/)

Mucc “requiem – acoustic” Single N

Lynch. “a fool”
from thirteen

Darrell “Darkness”
from Darxness Single (2018)

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