#IHEARTJROCK playlist for 8/18

Aeronauts “Motor Girl”
from Action You (KaTsuRaGi)

Honeydew “fireworks”
from Time to Tell Single (Water Valley Sounds 2015)

The Molice “Dry City”
from Signs (EP) – EP (Good Charamel Records 2017)

from amber

Mika Nakashima “Glamorous Sky”
from Glamorous Sky – EP (Sony Music Associated Records 2005)

Dezert “アカ” Single

The GazettE “Inside Beast”
from Beautiful Deformity (Sony Music Records) R

The GazettE “The Mortal”
from Ninth (2018)

Oblivion Dust “Helium Love”
from Misery Days (motorod)

Oblivion Dust “crazy”
from Reborn (motorod)

J “Now And Forever”
from Now And Forever – Single Single (2018) N

UNiTE “ice”
from UNiVERSE Single (Danger Crue Records girugamesh.jp/ 2015) R

Initial’L “can you feel it” Single N R

Ijen Kai “Blackmetal”
from blackmetal Single

Kanon Wakeshima “Still Doll (Album)”
from Shinskoku Dolce (Maru Music / Sakura) R


MYTH & ROID “Styx Helix”
from eYe’s Single (KADOKAWA 2015) R

MYTH & ROID “Crazy Scary Holy Fantasy”
from eYe’s Single (KADOKAWA 2015) R

RUEED “Mastermind”
from Mastermind – Single (2018) N

HeavensDust “Before I Die (Re:Incarnation Mix) [feat. Stephen]”
from Re: Burn (Invicta One Records www.heavensdust.net/)

Mucc “requiem – acoustic” Single N

Lynch. “a fool”
from thirteen

Darrell “Darkness”
from Darxness Single (2018)

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