Tonight is #iheartjrock !!


Kaz’s birthday celebration continues tonight on #iheartjrock ! It’s finally #jrock Saturday all my jrockers!! Tonight I will be playing bands K.A.Z. has played in, and it’s quiet a list!!I will be reading all the birthday messages from fans. Thanks so much Steve, Wendy, Tomi, Angela, Shana, Dan, fans in germany and mexico, thanks Veronica for the awesome poem and thanks to Tara and Kandy Kings for the cool video!

My video is up on youtube here: please SMASH the like button!!

I will also play an #xjapan song because Toshi had a birthday as well!

#iheartjrock is on tonight Sat 10pm edt on 103.3fm wxoj-lp northampton ma usa also streaming on valleyfreeradio !!

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