not much in the talking mood

on the show tonight, just wanted to play the music and get the music out and heard!

so fav other things from 2018 “memories”


oblivion dust goods from fans in japan, can you believe OD punishes their club members for sharing !!

I also got some magazines Ken Lloyd from more fans in japan 🙂

i am so thankful I got to see Miyavi again live. I also confused him and myself when he wanted to know how to spell sakura.. oops.. he was super sweet tho, i am so happy he is so accomplished and successful. i’ve supported him for a long time. He is awesome.
I got to meet PAAVO !!! We were in Portland Maine, I got to hug him too! He’s a real nice guy, super sexy. Hope to see him again. Thank you
Super Awesome Jinmo, his music is just so amazing. It’s not your average normal pop music, you need an opened mind to listen to it. Music doesn’t always have to be danceable and headbangable. It can be nice background music, noisy music, make you use your brain.
I got to meet and interview The Molice ! They are a real great fun group. Their music is noisy and it rocks a lot. This is a photo of Yuzuru(g) and Hiro(d)

my senpai noticed and remembered me. <3

my 2018 even tho i didn’t get to go to japan, and I lost a lot of close people, and I went through some personal issues, i survived.

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