some stupid words from DJ Sakura

i have saved this photo 1000 times on my phone. how come peeps in the fc get a msg and everyone else is left out, it’s always trash the fans who don’t have any money and can’t go to japan see their shows. would it kill them to open their fc to overseas fans? or at least start up the webmagazine that i seem to be able to read but never seen one ever… even a silly calender i cannot has. ugh and it is confusing because they came to the usa and showed interests in other countries, as stated in #iheartjrock’s interview with the band. and the other thing, wtf you play a new song live ..i’m a horrible jealous person and that just pierced a knife into my heart. i love these guys but broke my heart in so many ways. anyways thank you for reading my rambling.

please tune in this saturday for a new #iheartjrock i got a lot of the gazette to share and will be playing them in blocks up until their show in NYC this may, also have a block of od/vamps for kaz to give him emotional support if you wish to send kaz get well wishes, i’ll read them on air on my show this week

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