#iheartjrock from 1/12 is up !

Sorry for the delay!!

Listen now!

1 Esprit D’Air “Serafine” requested by Shana in MD

2 Acid Black Cherry “20+∞Century Boys” requested by Shana

3 The GazettE “D.l.N” requested by Shana

4 The GazettE “Dripping Insanity”

5 The GazettE “lucy”

6 Sim “Crows”

7 MAN WITH A MISSION “mirror mirror”

8 Vamps “redruM”

9 Vamps “love addict”

10 Oblivion Dust “haze”

11 Oblivion Dust “When You Say…”

12 Yucca “rebirthday” SINGLE

13 Reol “Gekihaku”

14 Kolme “Tie me down”

15 グラビティ “人生カワタニ゚ン” SINGLE


17 ゚リシオン “終焉のカンパネラ” SINGLE

18 UNiTE “dishibadarutsu”

19 Belial Crank “sandglass” SINGLE

20 SUGIZO “VOid”

21 Xjapan “i.v.” SINGLE

22 The GazettE “the invisible wall” requested by Angela in WV

23 The GazettE – “FIlth in the Beauty” requested by Angela in WV

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