#iheartjrock from 1-26 is up ! listen now! :)

Thanks for tuning into this week's #iheartjrock !! links to the bands I played website are listed below. Please support bands from japan like I do ! 



Acid Black Cherry “20+∞Century Boys”

The Molice “hello hello”

MIYAVI “1000 Miles Away”

Takanori Nishikawa & Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas “Be Affected”

The Sound Bee Hd “i” SINGLE

Fate Gear “Skykiller”

D “Danzai No Gunner” SINGLE

Aiolin “Colors”

Hyde “season's call”

Hyde “After Light”

Hyde “fake devine” SINGLE

YOSHIKI “Red Swan (feat. HYDE)”

The GazettE “Headache Man”

The GazettE “The Mortal”

The GazettE “vortex”

ARLEQUIN “ラズルダズル”

Band-Maid “Bubble”

Zombie “Kurenai”

シェルミィ “ヒュヌマンゲヌト” SINGLE

Go!go!vanillas “No.999”

ONE OK ROCK “stand out fade in” SINGLE —with Orchestra live

The SAMOS “timeshift” SINGLE

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