Hyde’s new album is called ‘anti’ and we are ready for it!! 🥀❤🤘

We all heard the message Vamps told us on social media back in 2017. They were going on haitus. Vamps were breaking up and we had to wait for them to get back together.

In the meaning time. KAZ went on many Oblivion Dust tours, and Hyde took the time to make new songs and create a new album.

We heard the first release ‘Who’s Gonna Save Us’ 10 months ago. Followed by Fake Devine and Afterlife, Zipang with Yoshiki and Mad Qualia from the Devil May Cry 5 video game. Then the release of ‘sick’ for street team members only to battle for the lip syncing competition to meet Hyde on the upcoming USA tour. Lastly Zipang English version feat Yoshiki and Then the lyric video for Set In Stone

Now we wait patiently for the new album !!

Also Hyde is coming back to Cambridge MA Mid East Club on 5/17 . VAMPS played 2 years ago and #iheartjrock got to interview them. I really wanted to interview Hyde again because the copy I have was the worst.

Hyde is on tour and check him out!


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