Atom on Sphere are a super-group of talented musicians from other talented bands of many genres in Japan. It’s been years since AOS has put out their first self titled album. I only heard of them recently, 2016 so the wait hasn’t been as long for me as it has to some hardcore fans. I did fall in love with the music right away because it was so like the music I grew up listening to, I love the 303 in Goodnight Blue, rave vibes …I listened to it a lot when I was at the gym. Over and over. I did put it away for a while and didn’t really think anything was going to happen to this project. I moved on and then all of a sudden there was this anouncement of shows, then of new music. Surprise a new song with a video to go with it. I was totally so happy! then another great song and then an album. All availible for me to purchase. Now I can review it as well as I can. This will be the first review of any music by DJ SAKURA666

Butcher’s Maze

There is a loud synth wail and I am reminded of The Prodigy. Not in a rip off way, but a nice tribute to them. Ken starts to sing and I am transported to 1999, he sounds like a brit pop singer its just so lovely. We go round and round and round and round and it is so catchy, the music is loud, Ken’s voice gets louder and angry. I find myself singing ’round and round and round’ during they day, not sure if Butcher’s Maze is even mentioned in the song, but I enjoy it so much!


This is my favorite song on this album. Song starts out really slow, nice synth melody and Ken’s voice is soft and sweet. The song begins and we are chanting “Dead Battery ruins everybody’s soul” over and over and the funky bass line a long with the synthesized horns leave the listening in a world of bliss. I love this song a lot. It makes me happy, it makes me move at the gym.


New Order ‘blue monday’ intro, and a sample from 90s electronic band Pop Will Eat Itself ‘Can you dig it’ along with neo- electro dance music, and lyrics about sexy people, being sexy. This song is a classic electronica tune from the 90s that never was. Ken Lloyd sings ‘void’ my life is complete! 🕊

Love Like I do


I am reminiscent of an old brit pop groups nice dreamy vocals and synthesizers, with some lyrics that make me wonder. I would like to read the lyrics to this song if possible. I’m confused as to why it is explicit….maybe…

Got to say tho the drums at the end of the song are really strong.

Kick the Habit

Another sexy tune..This song is the most ‘rock’ on the album. The chorus ‘feel better’ loops causing a wall of noise ‘kick the habit…’ i like this one a lot. There are a ton of layers, ken voice, guitars, more noise 😁


Into reminds me of Yazoo! The vocal effects remind me industrial bands like Skinny Puppy and 3teeth. Nice synth lines, bass guitar seems synthesized, is that real drums?


My Cure

Is this Atom on Sphere? The most un-atom on sphere on the album, sexy, funky, feeling like you are in a loungy bar getting your drink on. Love it!

This is the song with honey reference, like old jrock songs

Secret Life of Mine

The most pop song on the album. Catchy chorus, great bassline, guitar songs like a synth, and the drums light and airy. When i listen i feel like I am watching an intro to an anime. Also reminds me of the theme to Big Bang Theory..lol

People and everything is always moving forward, this life, past life, the next life, you choose your life, you bring your baggage wether it is known or unknown with you through time, and if it is meant to be the universe will work to bring everything together like it was always meant to be.


Ken’s voice sounds like Emperor Steel of EOS when he sings the chorus. The guitars are very airy, synthesizer shooshing and bass wobbling, drums are putting it all together. 1st of the power ballads on the album.


The last song on the album. It is the prettiest. It is a slow power ballad with beautiful lyrics and it just makes you want to grab a tissue and sob into it. A love song, a lonely song, Ken’s voice howls HOME and i feel his pain. The synths remind me of when i has a middle high school dance.

Got to getaway 🥀

This is a great ending to a great album. This is the ear candy my brain needed. I love all type of music, I def put this up on top of my list !  Give it a listen !!

I give it 5 iheartjrock broken hearts !


Atom on Sphere’s official website

Atom On Sphere on Spotify

Secret Life of Mine on iTunes

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Atom On Sphere facebook page

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