I💔JROCK is on tonight

Greetings JROCKERS!! New I💔JROCK tonight at 10pm est. I’ll be playing new BabyMetal , Luna Sea , and Sengoku Jidai , with clips of new Sukekiyo from Infinitum album being released in a few days! Also some Akihide , a block of dark noisy industrial electronic music, and background music by Sarufaromeo. He is an electronic dj and is a big supporter of Valley Free Radio and #iheartjrock. Of course I will be talking about the Hyde show, but a full review with photos and gifs (wordpress doesn’t allow videos unless you have a pay account) coming soon. And a surprise rock song that is not from Japan, it’s actually from a band who has worked with a japanese band in the past and they just released a new single. Tune in tonight to find out who it is!!

The music starts at 10pm est on 103.3fm wxoj-lp northampton ma usa also streaming on valleyfreeradio.org/listen

If you miss it, past shows up at mixcloud.com/iheartjrock

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