iheartjrock june 8th is up!

The background music are sounds off of Oblivion Dust’s Butterfly Head album.

1 Summer Party BREAKERZ

2 Spell Magic Acid Black Cherry

3 Sparkling of Light The Molice

4 Fire Bird MIYAVI

5 Doubt The Novembers

6 Vanilla Boris

Boris’ wide-ranging Attention Please comes out May 24.

7 Promotion Man Merzbow

8 Candy Gun Melt Banana


10 Rebirth Esprit D’Air

11 Starstorm (Remastered) Esprit D’Air

12 The Hunter Esprit D’Air

13 Moon Light Down Initial’L

14 Can You Feel It ? Initial’L

15 monolith aki

16 離人 Dimlim

17 Asian Chaos (Far Eastern Mix) Gyze

18 Dystopia a crowd of rebellion

19 dusky vision Deviloof

20 Dance Music The SAMOS

21 Timeshift The SAMOS

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