#iheartjrock band spotlight !!

It’s been 11 years since they formed. They are unfortunately on hiatus since the end of 2017. One member of the band became overly sucessful on his solo career, and the other is recovering from a snowboard accident. The band I am writing about tonight is VAMPS , and if you do not know who they are. Then this post will catch you up.

and if you know of them, then you can look at pretty pictures !

That’s Kaz biting Hyde.. they are Vamps
Jin (keys), Juken, (ba) , Kaz (g), Arly in back (dr) Hyde(s,g)
Vamps sold out stadiums all over Japan
Jin wears a mask or hides behind a curtain. I saw him in Boston as he was walking to his bus. I said Hi and he said Hi back.
Juken is crazy , but in a good way.
Jukrn peeking around Hyde
Once I met K.A.Z it was never the same ever again. Thank you I am so happy to have met you.
VAMPS like to drink

arly and juken
They used to have these awesome halloween parties with the other jrock bands. Each year they had amazing costumes. Halloween Party it was called.
I just want to say I miss VAMPS I saw them 5 times. They were amazing each time. I dance and screamed. I got to touch Hyde’s hand in Baltimore!

Check out vampsxxx.com for more info.

Thanks for checking out this page #BLOODSUCKER !

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