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Background music from Esprit D’Air‘s single for Amethyst

1 X JAPAN I.V. requested by listener Shana
2 Nightmare the WORLD
3 Vamps Inside of Me (feat. Chris Motionless) Juken
4 The GazettE D.L.N my song request for Shana’s birhday
5 Oblivion Dust Caprice – Alexandra’s song request for Shana’s birthday
6 Acid Black Cherry Spell Magic Angela’s song request for Shana’s bday
7 AKIHIDE マリア Akihide had his birthday on the 5th.
8 Fairy Fore Vivid Akihide’s old old band
9 Gackt Ghost Gackt’s birthday was the 4th
10 Vamps Calling My request for Angela’s birthday
11 Vamps Sweet Dreams Mira’s request for Angela’s bday
12 HYDE feat. YOSHIKI Zipang Alexandra’s request for Angela’s bday
13 Never Land 天国への手紙 Aother old Akihide band
14 SUGIZO Voice (feat. Kiyoharu) Sugizo’s birthday is 7/8 turning the big 50!
15 BREAKERZ Bunny Love
16 A9 Pendulum Shou had a birthday
17 DIAWOLF Turbulence Shou had a side band
18 Sengoku Jidai The Age of Civil Wars-Monster JUKEN’s bday was the 28th
19 LUNA SEA Millennium
20 L’arc En Ciel – Poem ; Jojoushi Shana’s bday song for Angela
21 Derailers Mary Jane JUKEN!!
22 ATOM ON SPHERE Sound i love AOS
23 Esprit D’Air Amethyst I LOVE EDA
24 Esprit D’Air Calling You

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