KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus
The rhythm track is made by sampling from the records by KOJI’s 20th century machine. 
KOJI-Vo,Gt,Composer. YUMIKO-Bass.

#iheartjrock aired their funky track “A Night Walker” on Aug 24th , listen to the show here !!
DJ Sakura666 got to ask the members in the band a few questions and here are there replies. Thanks for much for listening, and supporting radio and music. Good luck to these 2 very creative dudes! There music is very experimental and should be listened with a very opened mind. Links to their website and social medias below.

1. When did the band form?
TWO years back.. In the beginning, KOJI was performing alone. Bassist YUMIKO decided to join after seeing a solo gig. KOJI’s rock and roll performance is unique.
2. What type of music do you play?
I think it is a simple rock and roll. It seems that the listeners feel the elements of Hip-Hop, club music, and psychedelic.
3. What kind of listeners would you like?
Listeners are anybody. Those beats from our cheap drum machine and lo-bit sampler in cold war era. KOJI-Vocal,Guitar YUMIKO-Bass Guitar
4. Who are your influences?
NOBODY SPECIALLY KOJI wandered India with a backpacker.
5. Do you have anything to say to your fans?

LET’S SURVIVE ! God bless. Thank you.

Links – website


Watch them !! or just listen , links to stream their music online below

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