#iheartjrock is on tonight!!

I’m on a Junji Ito kick

Good morning #jrockers !! Your weekly #jrock fix is on tonight at 10pm EDT on 103.3fm WXOJLP northampton, streaming on valleyfreeradio

Tonight is the last day of the FALL FUND DRIVE thank you all that have donated so far, you will be getting shout outs during the show. Still taking donations too so feel free to lend a few dollars to support #jrock and your local community independant radio station.

New music tonight, old music, and also still rockin to #DIRENGREY, this time it’s from album Arche , got 2 albums left and 1 month until their performance in NYC !!

So please join us DJ Sakura666 and DJ Silent for another night of music from Japan!

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