Buck Tick update 💖🤘🎶💐

Buck-Tick will be releasing a new single in 2020. It will be called, ‘Fallen Angel’. Releasing Wed 1/29.

Last year, No 0 was released world wide and available on streaming services for the whole world to listen to! #iheartjrock was so happy to play Babel, Moon , Ophilia, ignite, over the airwaves in the pioneer valley, also streaming on valleyfreeradio.org !

Then one after the other Buck Tick releases appeared on Spotify for out listening pleasure.

Who ever said ‘Rock is dead’ is simple minded and uncreative. This band has been around for 30+ years and still rockin’ along with several other rock bands I play weekly on #iheartjrock.

Tune in Sat 10p est on 103.3fm wxojlp northampton streaming on valleyfreeradio

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