#iheartjrock BEST OF 2019 !!

Here it is. The count is in and these are the top played songs from 2019 that was played on #iheartjrock this year! There was a lot of great music that came out last year, #iheartjrock tried to play them all. I think I played a good chunk of them. Sometimes when a song is so good it has to be played more than once., and below is the result.
Also DJ Silent has his top pics for 2019, so check it out!
Listen and playlist at the very bottom of the page.
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Starting out the night at #15 is new music from one of my favorite bands Breakerz ! In 2019 they had 2 new singles come out. One digital and one released with 3 other tracks. My issue had Akihide card, I will one day give it to Shana. This song BROKEN is the loudest and most amazing thing ever to come out from them. I hope to hear more songs like this in the future. I liked it so much I played it enough to make the top 15!
Thank you for your hard work in 2019 guys!
14. Arlequin Razzle Dazzle
A band that caught my attention earlier in the year. This song came out and I ended up listening to it everywhere. Arlequin are having a very successful year in japan. They have worked hard too. They are always performing live. Check them out!
13. 8P-Sb – Entry
Once members of very popular VK band Meijibrey, Genki and Koichi teamed up to make some funky, poppy, good beats. A very colorful turn from the death, goth, glam, vk look they held for years. They pumped out the tracks in 2018 and 2019 and #iheartjrock supported them. Their track ‘Entry’ made the countdown!
12. Sukekiyo – tada, mada, watashi.
Dir En Grey front man Kyo has another great rock band called Sukekiyo , this project is more electronically driven, dark foreboding and noisy. This is a new song from Inifitum album released in June 2019.
11. Nocturnal Bloodlust Shonenjidai
I was super excited to find out #nokubura were coming out with new music this year. It was over a year since their ‘Whiteout’ single, 2 guitarists had also departed the band, and it seemed it was the end. But it wasn’t ‘Unleashed’ came out, along with a music video for their song ‘Thank You’ and it all just rocked my face off. Sadly they hit some more bumps but they are slowly getting back to normal. I love this album, but Shonen Jidai is the prettiest power ballad. Lots of love to these guys!
10. Hyde – Another Moment
Hyde’s first appearance on my countdown. This was the year for the rock star who threw VAMPS to the curb to work on his own rising inferno inside himself to tour the USA and support american rock bands. This song is just so touching. I have always it was a song about the relationship between him and KAZ , but you never know ! 🤣
9. Dir En Grey – The World of Mercy
I can’t believe this song was only #9! All 10 minutes of it’s beauty does make it one of the most legedary songs to end the decade with. The song came out in time to sing along to it at the lives. 1st single after the release of 2018 The Insulated World album(which tracks appear on #iheartjrocks best of 2018) We played a lot of DEG this year on #iheartjrock They are super sugoi 🥰
8. Dezert – Call of Rescue
VK band Dezert make an appearance on my best of. I know some requested this beauty. I will play more of them this year to come.
7. BUCK-TICK Rondo
Legendary #jrockers Buck Tick fly into my list due to requests and just a ever catchy chorus! What is not great about this band or song?
6. Madmans Esprit – Suicidol
My first non japanese band coming in at #6. This band came out of nowhere. I found them late 2018, and rolled into 2019 screaming Suicidol and #iheartjrock screamed along with him. They sound like all the bands I play on my show, I do believe they are on a japanese label, and they are not kpop more like unkpop or antikpop lol
Sakura From one extreme to the next, Dean Fujioka’s music has been on #iheartjrock for awhile. This song Sakura, even tho not of his singles, but his most played song on #iheartjrock I got a like or playing Echo back in the day and now he is a famous tv star all the fans seem to notice me playing his music and sharing it to. He is very talented in music, movies, and television. 👏
4. Hyde
Mad Qualia Hyde’s second song on my countdown. Although his other hits were played on my show, this one how ever got played the most! I believe its due to requests. I bought DMC5 because of this song. I wasn’t upset when I didn’t hear it in the game, I loved the game. I never smashed my fingers so much. Thanks Hyde for making great music!!
3. ATOM ON SPHERE Secret Life of Mine
2. ATOM ON SPHERE Dead Battery
Coming in at 3 and 2 is Atom on Sphere! I know it was through requests, and DJ Sakura and DJ Silent loving this band.
1. Esprit D’Air – Amethyst
Coming in as the most played track on #iheartjrock in 2019 !! I was amazed to see how many plays this track had on my show. It was requested a lot. Also I played it when I received it. It’s a very touching song.

Inbetween #Iheartjrock’s countdown DJ Silent has some selections of his favorite tracks from 2019. A mix of electronic, noise, and dark forboding music from talent individuals from all over the world.

Download – Gaslighter cevin Key , Phil Western (RIP) brap.bandcamp.com #noise , #electronic , #experimental legendary
Coil – Love’s Secret Domain reissue of Stolen & Contaminated legendary noise band Coil , haunting us from the beyond.
Carter Tutti Void – T 3.3 fun minimal electronic drone
Author & Punisher – A Crude Sectioning heavy metal industrial feels of doom
3TEETH – PUMPED UP KICKS you better outrun my gun who isn’t a fan of 3teeth?

8P-Sb Entry
Sukekiyo tada, mada, watashi.
Centimillimental Kizuato
Download Gaslighter
Coil Love’s Secret Domain
Carter Tutti Void T 3.3
Author & Punisher A Crude Sectioning
Hyde Another Moment
DIR EN GREY The World of Mercy
Dezert Call of Rescue
Buck Tick Rondo
Madmans Esprit Suicidol
Hyde Mad Qualia
ATOM ON SPHERE Secret Life of Mine
Esprit D’Air Amethyst

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