It took me a long time to create this. I have binged on DIR EN GREY for the past few months and I love them so much. I was always aware of who DIR EN GREY where, but I have never been this involved with their music. I forced myself to listen to each album. I forced myself to learn and follow all the members of the band on every social media platform i could find. (it was just so hard to do XD ) I played blocks of DIR EN GREY since the announcement they were coming to NYC. Each week I listened to the albums and picked the songs for my show. I started with their first album, i played all the discographies I could find. Even when their new single came out ‘ The World of Mercy’ I played the whole 10 minute long song. I even played it a few times of on my show. I listen to it all the time. I am even listening to it as i type this.

Toyisha is my favorite. He is an amazing bass player. As for social media, I think his clothing line D.I.R.T. is the only thing
D.I.E. is on guitars. He is very talented guitarist and is very nice to look at. He is sadly not on social media. I think the internet would melt.
Kyo (ko) vocals he is the bestest singer ever. I make sure to check his inta and twitter all the time. He is also the singer of Sukekiyo who are amazing they have synthesizers. I hope they come to america too)
Kaoru another amazing guitarist. You can follow him now on instagram.
Finally Shinya, the drummer who is quiet the comedian. Photos of him on the tour in a freezer, in a hoodie, and when is not buzy touring he goes and plays video games on his channel.

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