Legendary guitarist Miyavi

Miyavi’s business is J-Glam INC

Legendary guitarist Miyavi never stops working. Ever. I believe he works in his sleep, or he just never sleeps. He has put out 1 album every year since 2015.

2015 The Others 

2016 Fire Bird

2017 Samurai Sessions vol 2

2018 Samurai Sessions vol 3

2019 No Sleep Til Tokyo

2020 Holy Nights 4/22 

not to mention, he’s been touring the globe non-stop. He is also is making movies,working with other musical artists, he models.he even helps with refugees. He is also a great father of 2 girls, and has a super awesome wife, who was in the music business before their marriage. 

In 2 months Miyavi will be releasing his 13th studio album called ‘Holy Night’ and #iheartjrock is eagerly awaiting it’s release! Big love and support to the Samurai guitarist who keeps going and going ! 

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