#DirEnGrey live on YouTube 3/28 !! 🤘🎶

According to all their social media accounts, we will be able to watch from the comfy homes, I’m always in my bed when i watch youtube, so lets strap in and enjoy! Ill be in the chat, if there is one 🤣

Last minute announcement: Backstage Documentary and Behind Doors Live Concert to be live streamed from KT Zepp Yokohama!
DIR EN GREY has just announced that a special live streaming will be broadcasted on March 28th (Sat.) 2020 on the band’s official YouTube Channel.
The title for this broadcasting is 「The World You Live In」and it will be streamed live from KT Zepp Yokohama: starting from 14:30, it will bring you into the backstage of a DIR EN GREY show, while it will bring you a behind doors live concert from 19:00 (Japanese time zone).
「The World You Live In」
Date and time: March 28th (Sat.) 14:30〜20:30 JST
(*)Time schedule may change
Where to watch: Official YouTube Channel
14:30~ Backstage Documentary
19:00~ Live Concert (behind closed doors)
◇Talk Room MC:
◇Main MC:
You Masuda

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