5/2 hide memorial day

Just like Kurt Cobain , Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, Prince, when a very talented musician passes away, it leaves us fans to pass on their legacy for other generations to experience, if they have never experienced it.
These are some facts I have on hide for those who are not aware of him.

Born as Matsumoto Hideto, on December 13, 1964 and tragically died on May 2, 1998

1 – He was a very influence musician. Was in a band called Saber Tiger before he exploded with X-Japan
2 – He went on to make music by himself after Xjapan had disbanded
3 – He lived in USA for a few months and started a super group with a lot of popular alternative musicians from the 90s called ‘Zilch’
4- After returning to Japan from the states he
tragically past away. Leaving behind a lot of sad friends, family members, loves and bandmates.
5 – According to the wikipedia page, there was a female fan who had slit her wrists at the funeral, also there were a car of fans on their way from a town far away and caused an accident en route killing people.
6 To this day his fans gather together to celebrate his life and visit his grave. Except for this year, because of corona virus they have forbid any visitors to his grave and all social gatherings are also cancelled.
7 There have been many cover albums by various japanese bands , like Hotei , Oblivion Dust (KAZ) Breakerz, Miyavi , etc etc etc
8 Pink Spider came out after his passing and it is the most covered song by him.
9. hide with spread beaver has had a very young K.A.Z. in it. , also PATA from XJAPAN would play, and many more Japanese musicians, who still try to perform together every year in tribute.

don’t forget to tune in tonight to listen to a block of his songs, some cover songs, some xjapan and more music from japan!


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