#iheartjrock is on tonight!

Please join DJ Sakura and DJ Silent for another 2 hours of music from JAPAN and more. DJ Silent has blocks of #3teeth and #siouxsieandthebanshees. DJ Sakura has new music from #NOCTURNALBLOODLUST #BUCKTICK some #SixTONES requests and #DEANFUJIOKA request and some old #jrock #jpop #vk #anime #music from j#apan and more!

And please remember to say “Hi to Mark”


6 thoughts on “#iheartjrock is on tonight!

  1. Maybe my username is not valid anymore? And WordPress is saying I have to ask from Jetpack :/ I have only one account on WP. And I created a username that previous time. Something wrong with the connection (?)

  2. I don’t understand what this Jetpack got to do with it. It seems that it is depending on them >__< I sent them feedback, and they promised to answer me within 24 hours 😠 Last time I created an username but it's not valid anymore. I tried to reset the password, but I got an answer "The user does not exist"

      1. It’s okay, I have been sick since Sunday morning, (my usual stomach -issues). I thought also, that maybe I have to create a new userword. 👍 Take your time to check it^^ See you soon. I have to take it a bit easy for couple of days 😷 NOT COVID, I just have to rest a bit 🌸 🌸 🌸 See you soon!

      2. Hi guys, I could not access. And I dunno what this Jetpack does got to do with accessing to these happenings 🤔 They are offering techincal help “within 24 hours” 🙄 I think WordPress should have some support -pages, who are helping immediately when this kind of issues appear. Sometimes WP support s**s really. Let’s try to solve this^^ I created an username and password and kept it safe for the next time. But it did not let me to log in. Maybe it was because I have been logged in there only once. That first time? Anyway, I have to stay offline (maybe about two days) because of my stomach -issues. And I had fun, listening to YouTube 👍 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 For the next time *\^o^/*

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