It’s your mid-week reminder #IHEARTJROCK is on Saturday!!

Greetings #jrockers!! It’s Humpday , and let me remind you every Saturday nights, i host a radio show that plays 2 hours of music from #JAPAN , sometimes more! But it’s mostly old #jrock and new #jpop and some other funky music from #japan

K.A.Z guitarist for #obliviondust and #vamps has a birthday coming up in a few weeks and I will be doing my special show for him again this year. I started 2 years ago getting photos and birthday wishes from fans and read them on the air and also made a fan video for him. Video below.

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Please send birthday wishes, I will read them on, or post / photo’s videos to my instragram account for him to see.


This week on #iheartjrock , more #SixTONES goodness, DJ Silent and myself sat and added somethings together we want to share. new #jrock old #jrock and more!

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