#iheartjrock from 10/24 is up!

#iheartjrock from 10/24 is up!

Tune in next week for our yearly Halloween show!! DJ Silent will have some non-japanese artists to share and scare you!

Thanks for all the requests !!

Hyde Halloween Party
Arashi – Turning Up
ARASHI – Whenever You Call
SixTONES – navigator
SixTONES – japonica style
SixTONES – Imitation Rain
Sukekiyo – kisses
Sukekiyo – In All Weathers
Sukekiyo – Zephyr
Sukekiyo – Anima
DEXCORE – Don’t Be Afraid (2020 Version)
Dustz – Trigger
AKIHIDE Loop World
JILUKA – Edifice
Remnants Of The Fallen – Hel
Buck-Tick – Kogoeru (Crystal Cube Ver.)
Yoshiki – Without You (Unplugged) Piano Concerto – ピアノ協奏曲 YOSHIKI | Documentary Film premieres 2021 映画公開予定

Background music for the first half of #iheartjrock were electro remixes of Soredake by Monk-a-Tonk by Charles Berkhouse. Check it out!

YouTube player
The second half of #iheartjrock were more SixTONES songs !! Here’s the playlist on Youtube.

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