have i been quiet?

i am sorry for lack of updates, i have had a lot of stressful things going on. i’ve been working with vfr and i have been working on things with iheartjrock.com just learning and obsorbing

also addicted to minecraft and baby yoda

i am so grateful for sixtones fans and all other fans of music from japan

new music from HYDE this week on iheartjrock , also block of Sixtones thanks to all the requests, also BOOWY ,HOTEI, Kyosuke Himuro some XJAPAN because PATA had a birthday, YOSHIKI drum solo, AKIHIDE’s new old song ‘Lapis Lazuli’ (which is also in MINECRAFT as the magical stone!!) some electronics and more to get you to Midnight!

forget covid, forget the elections take 2 hours and just listen to music and rock!

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