#iheartjrock from Nov 7th is up!

#iheartjrock from Nov 7th is up!

OKAMOTO’S Welcome My Friend
アリス九號. – Mandala
X japan – Weekend (live no audience){ Happy belated Birthday PATA}
YOSHIKI – Drum Solo
7 men samurai – samu dama
DEAN FUJIOKA – Go the Distance
SixTONES – Imitation Rain
SixTONES – Navigator
SixTONES – New Era
J-REXXX Original Raggamuffin (feat. Zendaman, Rudebwoy Face & Rueed)
Hyde – Let It Out
INORAN – Don’t Bring Me Down
Kyosuke Himuro – Kiss Me
Hotei – Poison
Ziggy – GLORIA
Ken Ishii & CO-FUSION – Raw Twist
Sarufaromeo – Phase
Galcid – Let Your Body Learn

Thank you Angela for the Baby Yoda LED NEON LAMP !! I LOVE BABY YODA !!

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