#iheartjrock from 11/14 is up!

#iheartjrock from 11/14 is up!

Tonight’s playlist,
Thanks for the requests!! Still playing blocks of SixTONES because they are awesome!

ARASHI Party Starters
DIR EN GREY – Ain’t Afraid to Die (Irresistible Mix)
LUNA SEA – Rosier
SixTONES – new era
SixTONES japonica style
SixTONES – Imitation Rain
Wagakki Band – Sakura Rising with Amy Lee of EVANESCENCE
THE BAWDIES – Sun After The Rain
lynch. – ULTIMA
Nocturnal Bloodlust – Reviver
Hyde – Let It Out
coldrain – Pretty Little Liar
Hotei – Dangerous (feat. Kazuya Yoshii)
SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] – Chaos Drifters

Last night was also the end of the FALL FUND DRIVE at Valley Free Radio. Thank you for those who have donated. If you are looking for a gift, i have jrock stuff i can part with, check out the Spring Fund Drive page

Had so much fun last night with DJ Manfromnowhere, we will be doing it again sometime. Please enjoy the video and photo from last night and also I am happy that it did successfully get recorded and went over the airwaves (i thought for the rest of the night it was ruinted)

I was playing with my sampler, it’s old KORG ES-1 , DJ Silent was using the first version of the KORG KAOSSILATOR , and DJ Manfronnowhere was using contact mics on his guitar and was also using a BOSS Loop Station

Check out DJ Manfromnowhere facebook page. Don’t forget he has a show right after mine at 12a Midnight

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