#iheartjrock from 11/21 is up!

#iheartjrock from 11/21 is up!

Fake? – DISCO
Loka – Slick
Buck Tick – Alice In Wonder Underground
SixTONES – lemonade
SixTONES – new era instrumental
SixTONES – Imitation Rain instrumental
YOSHIKI – Red Swan (feat. HYDE)
Sarah Brightman – Miracle (Sarah’s Version) [feat. YOSHIKI]
X-JAPAN – Born to be free
DIR EN GREY – Akuro No Oka
St. Vincent – New York (feat. YOSHIKI)
Hyde – Zipang (feat. YOSHIKI)
L’arc En Ciel – My Dear -L’Acoustic Version
RAINASH – Beyond the Clouds
Inoran – Kingdom Come
Acid Black Cherry – Black Cherry
Sarufaromeo – Acid Cluster
Saito – Graves of Pollutant

DJ Silent and DJ Sakura were stuck in a tent :X

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YouTube player
Also in the background during the show. Apparently that’s Aokigahara Forest

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