#iheartjrock top 5 #SixTONES songs of 2020

SixTONES debuted with #ImitationRain on their youtube channel on 12/25/2019 a beautiful song written by Yoshiki, performed by SixTONES. They made their way into the world and our hearts ever since. Weekly updates to their yotube page. They update their instagram page. Also being a Johnny band, they have blogs and update regularly on the johnny website. All the members in the band have also been in dramamtic series in japan, also movies and live stage acting. I played them on #iheartjrock the first time on my valentine’s day show, and it took some time but people noticed and have requested their songs ever since. I feel they are important part of japanese culture and i wish them all the best in 2021.
SixTONES youtube

Number 5 #ST , first song from their upcoming 1st album release 1/6 i look forward to my copy. This song rocks a lot tho.

#4 NEW ERA – the boys head bang in this video.. also OP for Inuyasha

#3 New World , this video is just the cutest!! They had full control of making this video and it was just adorable. The song is super catchy. It was put out at the begining of the covid days just as i was getting into them. I hope they record more videos like this.

#2 Telephone Call me

#1 Navigator much love for this song, this video, the anime Billionaire Detective

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