#iheartjrock TOP 10 +

#iheartjrock TOP 10 +

Greetings #jrockers !! 2020 is coming to a close, but it indeed have some awesome music to make a soundtrack to. Weather you are at the gym working out, or driving over town , you can listen to the top #jrock #jpop #vk #anime #music #japan from 2020. I was shocked to not see Hyde and Dustz or a lot of other great music from this year. 10 just isn’t enough i guess. I did play a lot of AKIHIDE this year, but it was other years, not 2020. I hope you like the list of songs. Again there were tons of great songs that came out this year. All available to listen to throughout this website. One day I will find a way to make them more accessible. Thank you so much for your requests, and thank you so much for supporting music from japan and indie radio! Happy New Year !! Look forward to more great music from JAPAN !

(intro to countdown)
Violent Idols Intro to Violence (feat. K.A.Z)
10. Violent Idols – New Religion (feat. K.A.Z)
9. OKAMOTO’S – Welcome My Friend
7. DEAN FUJIOKA – Neo Dimension
6. BUCK-TICK – Kogoeru (Crystal Cube Ver.)
5. ARLEQUIN – Veludo
4. Arashi – Whenever You Call
2. MIYAVI – Holy Nights

The second half of the night was a holiday special.
Shonen Knife – Space Christmas
Aldious – hai no yuki
Michie Tomizawa – Last christmas
Kiyoharu – Christmas
L’Arc〜en〜Ciel – Hurry Xmas
vistlip – Snowman
BUMP OF CHICKEN – Merry Christmas
LUNA SEA – Holy knight
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence(Coda)
Gackt X Breakerz – 12gatsu No Love Song

Had to squeeze in some

Do The Thing! 🤘

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