Happy New Year !!!

Greetings #jrockers!! Thanks for all your support in 2020! I will continue to run #iheartjrock and support #SixTONES #teamSixTONES #music from #japan ; especially #jrock hoping #vk will make a bigger comeback, also more #gaming and #starwars .
DJ Silent is starting off the new year with some selections this week.
Also starting off the new year with new music from #lynch. #hyde #molice also playing #SixTONES ( thanks for the requests ) !!

So many times in 2020 and also before I wanted to give up and walk away. The struggle is real especially when you are up against something as powerful and #pop music. But each light has a dark, and when there is a light it will never go out with darkness.
Music is a way to let out all emotions in your body, whether it is metal and you head bag , or run fast on a treadmill, or it’s poppy and makes you dance on a dancefloor, or on a treadmill XD
Just saying I’m not going anywhere for a long time. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. I’ve seen a lot of people start and fizzle out. I have patience. Not saying I am waiting for something to happen or expect something to happen. I am just here.
Thank you for being here too.

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