#iheartjrock 1/16 is up plus unboxing !

#iheartjrock 1/16 is up plus unboxing !

for everyone who has missed this week’s #Iheartjrock live it is now available to listen

Oblivion Dust Disappear (All of You)
Hyde – Defeat
SixTONES – UyaMuya
SixTONES – Lifetime
SixTONES – New Era
Royz – In the storm
lynch. ALLIVE
Aolin – Absolute Egoism
ALI – FIGHT DUB CLUB (feat. J-REXXX & Rueed)
Nocturnal Bloodlust – Left behind
Dohatsuten – Sadametic 20/20
GACKT – Redemption
abingdon boys school – PINEAPPLE ARMY
Tm Revolution – High Pressure
LUNA SEA – Tonight
L’arc En Ciel – Caress of Venus
GLAY – Dope
BREAKERZ – I love my daughter
The Splendid – Misfires & False Starts
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Yoohei Kawakami 多重露光 – feat.川上洋平 『劇場短編 仮面ライダーセイバー 不死鳥の剣士と破滅の本』主題歌 Movie Edit

Background music was this awesome video from Akihide

YouTube player

Behold an unboxing event ! I received another package from a great #SixTONES fan in japan. I am very happy to receive all these nice things. I have already watched all the videos and listened to all the new music from it. I cant’ wait to share it on #Iheartjrock next week. Thank you so much for turning me onto #SixTONES #teamsixtones.

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