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Greetings #jrockers!!
Tonight’s daily #jrock is #OBLIVIONDUST Designer Fetus!
I love this song so much! Singer Ken Lloyd , who also fronts Atom on Sphere and Fake? , K.A.Z is on guitar, he worked with hide with spread beaver and VAMPS, and RIKIJI bassist, also bass player in IMOCD, and more!
The story of Oblivion Dust is defiantly a long one. Members coming and going, they broke up a lot, got back together. They even played in USA at the beginning of their career, and a few years back at an anime convention in NJ. I will never forget, I got to see them live, meet them and also interview them.

Check out their website here

They recently had sold some coffee to their fans in Japan. How cool! Wish them all the best and hope to see them again.

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