#iheartjrock is not on tonight

#iheartjrock is not on tonight

Greetings #jrockers ! Welcome to another #jrock Saturday!
Sadly DJ Silent and DJ Sakura will not be live in the studio to play 2 hours of awesome music. There will be a newer show from earlier this month up so please tune if you can starting at 10PM EDT on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA, also streaming on valleyfreeradio.org/listen for free.
We will be back next week, and we will have another JAM session with DJ MANFROMNOWHERE
Look forward to that!

Also I worked on a podcast from home yesterday, taking all the #SixTONES requests I didn’t get to last week and putting them all together for an hour and seven minute long #SixTONES mega request show! I do hope you like it, thank you all for submitting your requests. I am still working on editing so it might sound a bit off. Please forgive.

LifeTIME – S / NINA / Stray
Extra VIP Yukiko / NINA
ってあなた Yukiko / misato
Imitation Rain Yukiko / Stray / plus
Dance All Night Mei / wanko
Uyamuya Sara
Mad Love Sara
ST – wanko / misato
Lemonade ; chocolate
Telephone 1st ; chocolate
love u chocolate
S.I.X Stray / misato / NEGI
Rollin plus
この星のHIKARI misato
Boku Ga Boku Janai Mitadai ^surprise!

Ma Te Ne !

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