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Greetings!! Happy SixTONES FRIDAY! Every Friday they upload a new video to their youtube page. They are very entertaining and I love sharing them. I was sharing them on my twitter page, but I feel it makes more sense here, since my website is linked to my many social media pages. I am still learning japanese, and I use these videos to help the process, along with their songs.
Since my SixTONES is pretty much defunct, i’ll just keep updating here, using tags and such, one day it will be organized.

Anyways here is the video
Jesse is getting some muscle in his bicep. He had mentioned he was lifting at home. It’s coming along nicely. Stop making fun.
Other things are happening in this video, like them spinning and balancing on tip toes. Jesse makes everyone laugh at the end. So sweet. Go follow SixTONES

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