#iheartjrock 3/20 is up!

VAMPS Replay
sads May I Stay
Oblivion Dust Evidence
SixTONES Rollin
SixTONES Be Crazy
SixTONES call me
Arashi Turning Up
Arashi – Whenever You Call
ARASHI – Sakura
kINKI Kids – 新しい時代
kinki kids – kanzai boya
MISIA – あなたとアナタ
Tsuyoshi Domoto – I gotta take you shamanipponmoto
Tsuyoshi Domoto Spirit Cider
ENDRECHERI 4 10 cake
ENDRECHERI – MusiClimber
Esprit D’Air – 紅
ASH DA HERO – Black Swan
IMOCD! – Close Encounter (Acoustic)

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Background music this week was this playlist of Sakura songs!! Check out my #IheartSakura playlist on youtube! Thank you for your request this week!

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One thought on “#iheartjrock 3/20 is up!

  1. Thank you for uploading the March 20 broadcast. I’m listening back to it with a happy heart.
    Please let me continue to request wonderful songs by Tsuyoshi Domoto and ENDRECHERI.
    And I want to enjoy them with SAKURA san and everyone.
    SAKURA san , Thank you very much.

    In Japan, cherry blossoms have begun to bloom.
    May SAKURA san ‘s happiness also be in full bloom!

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