no new #iheartjrock tonight

Greetings!! Just letting you know #iheartjrock will not be on tonight because #oblivondust livestream will be on at 4am est and i wouldn;t be able to stay up for it, and i need to see it live…. so instead i have a great older show from OCT 2020 blocks of #SixTONES #obliviondust #bucktick #7mensamurai #babymetal #Inoran and some DJ Silent audio drama! Background music from my favorite video game #cyberpunk2077 and more! Tune n 10PM on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP NOHO MA USA streaming on, past shows up at #iheartjrock #itunes #iheartradio but not spotify because they are dumb.

Please visit and support my favorite #jrock band!!
also if you would like to view the stream there is also information on how to watch it.

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