9 hours until #iheartjrock! 🗾🤘🎶

Greetings! Please join DJ Sakura666 and DJ Silent for 2 hours of music from #japan. A lot of you #requested tons of #Endrecheri #SixTONES #Arashi #KinkiKids so expect blocks of them!! Also old/new #jrock from legendary rockers. Please if you can, turn the dial to 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA streaming on valleyfreeradio.org/listen.

Side note, I have a lot of music already cued up so requests will be either in another special Sakura Underground or next week’s #iheartjrock

Below are some updates to this world of #jpop and #jrock ! enjoy!

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Did you catch the latest #SixTONES on their youtube page? They update every Friday’s, it’s in the mornings for us in America. If you are fluent in Japanese, you must laugh out loud so much! I lol and I don’t know much japanese.

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Newest video from Kinki Kids. DVD release soon!! They did a live this year. It looks AMAZING !

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Videos for Endrecheri are very hard to find that are official. This is from tsuyoshi.in website. I’ve seen the non official live clips. Be sure to follow his instagram account that he just started on his birthday. His posts are genius and silly, i love them so much. But I wish the eyebrows go back to normal. 😆 https://www.instagram.com/tsuyoshi.domoto24_j also posts videos of him dancing, playing the guitar, and showing off his fashion. Very entertaining, i visit daily.

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Back to the rock side. DIR EN GREY put a video out for their new single!! It’s so very old school 90s horror. #jhorror vibes.

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And also please check out the newest video from THE Gazette !! It rocks so much!!

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