#iheartjrock from 5/1 🥰

idk why i cannot upload this show, but here it is. i hope you enjoy.

Oblivion Dust – Sail Away (feat. Anna Tsuchiya)
LUNA SEA – I for You
MIYAVI – Long Nights (feat. Sonita Alizadeh)
hide with Spread Beaver – Rocket Dive
hide – ever free
X JAPAN – Rusty Nail
SixTONES – Imitation Rain
SixTONES – Be Crazy
SixTONES – この星の HIKARI (Kono Hoshi no HIKARI)
kINKI Kids – Anniversary
Kinki Kids – Slash
Kinki Kids – Suisei no gotoku
king & prince – Bounce
ENDRECHERI – Everybody say love
Tsuyoshi Domoto – I’m you You’re me
Tsuyoshi Domoto – I gotta take you shamanippon
Arashi – PIKA☆NCHI
Hyde – On My Own
Tm Revolution – crosswise
MAN WITH A MISSION – Perfect Clarity
KAO=S Sakura Kaoru

Thank you for King & Prince cd 🥰

SixTONES celebrated their 6th year anniversary by starting a new twitter account to follow their updates. https://twitter.com/SixTONES_6anniv

They are also updating their instagram account more often. They have been posting updates on their stories daily.

Every year #iheartjrock has a special show devoted to HIDE from XJAPAN. He is a legend in JAPAN and people still celebrate his existence. It’s amazing. He was defiantly taken from us much to soon.


HIDE MEMORIAL some information on HIDE
hide Memorial

#iheartjrock played some #KinkiKIDS #Endrecheri #TsuyoshiDomoto solo , keeping up with the #eyebrow updates too !! he is very good at putting a smile on our faces everyday. #kindness #endrecheri

Do The Thing! 🤘

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