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Very sorry but #iheartjrock will not be live tonight.
I know I mentioned this all week long, but just a reminder.
DJ Silent and DJ Sakura will be back on 7/17 to play your #requests, a block of #SixTONES to celebrate Shintaro’s 25 bday, also celebrate some Kinki Kids, more RAMPAGE , King & PRINCE and newly streamable #Arashi material! Also new and old #jrock , #vk #anime #Music , DJ Silent might have some music for you as well.
On that note, please tune in next week!


Hope everyone had a fabulous week, I have new music that was released this week I would like to share with you viewers.

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Our fav boy band #SixTONES are releasing their 5th single on 8/11 マスカラ (Mascara) The youtube MV version premiered Thursday night in japan! The music was written by front man of King Gnu and millenium parade Daiki Tsuneta. What did you think? I really like how they played air guitar for him. Photos and videos on his twitter showed him with smiling face. Congrats! links and info of the new single located at the SixTONES website https://www.sixtones.jp/

Johnny & Associates twitter account also posted an english speaking promotion for their video. Their english is very good, and I love their enthusiasm, especially Shintaro’s. I am happy Jesse and Kochi said ‘Matane’ I couldn’t catch what he was saying at the end of the video. Congrats to #SixTONES !!

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Moving onto #jrock news , Dir En Grey’s singer KYO has a side project called sukekiyo , #iheartjrock loves this band. They have a new dvd coming. Visit their homepage for more info http://sukekiyo-official.jp/

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My favorite #kinkikids coming out with their 43rd single on 7/21 with is the anniversary of their debut. We will play some of their songs to celebrate.

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Lastly back to the #jrock with one of my favorite bands #obliviondust uploaded a live clip from their 2021 Elixer Fixer tour , the one I got to see online. This is their song Death Surf. One of my favorites. Please enjoy! obliviondust.net

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