Minori Suzuki to Release Long-Awaited

New Single “Saihate” on November 10!

On November 10, Minori Suzuki will be releasing her long-awaited fifth single “Saihate.” The titular song will be the ending theme for the TV anime Fena: Pirate Princess, which will begin airing in Japan in October. A rock song with a dramatic flair, “Saihate” stands out for its emotional vocal line that allows you to enjoy the full range of Suzuki’s expressive and vocal skills.

The coupling song “Rinaria” is Suzuki’s first self-composed song. She created it in collaboration with Ryo Eguchi, who has produced music for numerous artists. In this ballad song, the 23-year-old Suzuki expresses the delicate feelings of a woman who has found an unforgettable love. The first-run limited edition also includes over 70 minutes of digest video from last year’s 2nd LIVE TOUR 2021~Now Is The Time!~

Release information

Fifth Single “Saihate”

Ending theme of Fena: Pirate Princess

Release date: November 10, 2021

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