#iheartjrock reminder and #SixTONES updates!

Greetings! Happy Humpday, it’s your mid-week reminder that #iheartjrock is on SAT 10PM EST on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP NOHO MA USA. Streaming on valleyfreeradio.org/listen
This week we will be wishing Taiga from SixTONES a happy birthday and also we will play clips from the new #SixTONES album CITY that they will be posting on their youtube page a few minutes before #ihearjtrock! This will be the second time i played new #SixTONES on #Iheartjrock , 1st went live when #iheartjrock was on this time last year. So crazy, archive –> here <–

Please reminder to leave #Taiga a birthday wish on the SixTONES bday page located –> here <– and thanks to all that have left messages !!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfVOs4VSpmA Spiderman No Way Home

Our boys also have revealed on their radio show All Night Nippon that their new song ‘Rosy’ will be used for the new dubbed Spiderman movie coming to theaters in Japan! So proud of them!

Got a favorite #SixTONES song you want to here? Send a request!

Check out Sakura Underground. DJ Silent has been spinning a lot of interesting oldies !! DJ Sakura666 still spins music from Japan !
Past shows !! for past #Iheartrock

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