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I have played this band every week on #iheartjrock since I have received merchandise from the fans! It’s so awesome to share music on #iheartjrock or #SakuraUnderground now back at the daily #jrock and all the other forms of social media that I spread information everyday all the time i am so annoying lol 進むしかねぇ rocks!
ゞャニヌズWEST – 進むしかねぇ and 黎明

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2022幎1月19日 発売 ゞャニヌズWEST Double A-side Single から「黎明」 Official Music Videoを倧公開


ゞャニヌズWEST 18枚目のシングル「黎明れいめい進むしかねぇ」。
ゞャニヌズWESTの異なる぀の魅力が詰め蟌たれたDouble A-side Single

■「黎明 進むしかねぇ OFFICIAL」 Twitter
■Johnny’s-net -ゞャニヌズWEST-

■Johnny’s Entertainment Record -ゞャニヌズWEST-

ゞャニヌズWEST #黎明 #鹿楓堂よ぀いろ日和

黎明テレビ朝日系 オシドラサタデヌ「鹿楓堂よ぀いろ日和」䞻題歌

Released on January 19, 2022, “Dawn” Official Music Video is released from Johnny’s WEST Double A-side Single!

“Dawn. Let’s move on, move forward.”

Johnny’s WEST 18th single “Reimei / I have to go”.
“Dawn” is the title of “Dawn” and “The beginning of a new thing”, and is Johnny’s WEST’s first medium ballad single. It is a song with warmth that can gently push your back by snuggling up to people with various anxieties and pains living in the present age.
“I can’t go ahead” is a powerful rock number with the charm of Johnny’s WEST’s own hot singing. It is a bright and powerful cheering song with the message, “Even if it is clumsy and muddy, let’s laugh and push forward in any life.”
Double A-side Single packed with two different charms of Johnny’s WEST!
It was

■ “Dawn must go OFFICIAL” Twitter
It was
■ Johnny ’s -net -Johnny’s WEST- https: // id = ar 

■ Johnny ’s Entertainment Record -Johnny’s WEST-

Johnny’s WEST #Dawn #Rokuhodo Yotsuiro weather

Dawn: TV Asahi-affiliated Osidra Saturday “Kaede-do Yotsuiro Hiyori” theme song
I have no choice but to proceed: ABC TV / TV Asahi’s “I’ll see you instead of you! Rear rush WEST” theme song

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