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Greetings!! Happy Tuesday! It’s just a few days left for christmas, and honestly, i got no christmas spirit. You can call me grinch or scrooge, i don’t mind. I have no kids, no fur babies, and my generation really doesn’t celebrate it as much as other cultures. I don’t even like winter, the sight of snow makes me want to run back inside until it has melted.
But I am no scrooge when it comes to music. I want to share songs that are very seasonal from Japan. They maybe old and new, it maybe #jpop, #jrock or something else.
This is Glay – Winter again and this song is about Hokkaido because that is where they are from(but there are alot of winter spots in japan..just like here in new england usa). Also it’s a pretty song and I’ve been playing a lot of Glay recently. and sadly it’s winter again. 12/21/21 was the first day of winter, also the winter solstice. Light a candle, burn some incense and be happy for what you have.

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