Welcome back to the daily #jrock! Some pop rocK stuff today.
I remember this coming out this past summer. I thought it was a popular song. Do you remember?

This song is so adorable! Even when singing about monsters. Have you watched the video? Yoasobi Monster was released in Jan 2021.

Sukekiyo put out a new live dvd/cd this past year also. Along with a new video for their track Candis. I feel like the 90s when I watch the video. Is it me?
Sukekiyo front man is also the lead in the band DIR EN GREY ever hear of them? They put out a great track this year, it was not as epic as the World of Mercy and the video for it was kind of terrifying. They have since taken the video down.
But a happier note, Kyo and some people from Maverick have formed an new jrock band called Petite Broncancon and are already ready to rock Japan

What did you think of these videos from this past year? a lot seems to be coming out of Japan and that is a very positive thing. Help spread the sounds. Please keep tuned for some more #jpop coming up! Also tune into #iheartjrock SAT nights!

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