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Greetings!! The eve of the New Year is happening any time now!! These are the most hottest pop videos to come out of Japan this past year.
I was introduced to these bands this year through a lot of the requests. Thank you so much everyone for all the requests. It’s a lot of fun reading them and learning some interesting things.
The first band is THE RAMPAGE !! There is one song by them that i love more ! But this video and song is 🔥🔥🔥 there are 16 members of the band.

INI – Rocketeer is one of the most requested songs I get each week. They sadly didn’t make this years countdown. I did play their songs on #SakuraUnderground too

SixTONES – Rosy This happened this year! #SixTONES song made it into Spider MAN in Japan! This video is so much fun. I look forward to City.

OHGAWD this happened too this year!! Did you watch the DVD ! The intro of Mad Love was awesome !

I just got over 100 requests for this song. I’ve only played it once so it’s not going to be on the countdown this week. So I post it here! Please like and share or just share!

Another band that was introduced to me this year is King & Prince. I am always grateful for my CDs!
There is only one other song I like more than this. and this song, really didn’t get as many requests as my favorite.

Another band introduced to me this year through my requests is the band Johnnys WEST ! Another fun loving boy band . Thank you so much for requesting and sending me the band cds. I appreciate all the help I can get.

Last of the pop for this post. Next post I will definatly have ENDRECHERI , KINKI KIDS and whatever else I have forgotten.
I leave you all to new music from Dean Fujioka. I’ve been a fan for a long time. Happy New Year !

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