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Greetings!! Just a few hours left until NEW YEARS in USA and I want to share the last of my favorites from 2021
Starting off with Kinki Kids and An/Par single came out in the middle of the summer and i got it when it came out. Such a great song. I played it a lot in my car.

This was a nice refreshing song Koichi puts out a lot of good music on his own! I was happy I bought this album!

The other member of Kinki has this awesome funk project called ENDRECHERI ! I’ve played a lot of this music on my show since March 2021
There was an online stream he did and I got to watch it. This is the digest.

Heian Jingu Shrine live 2021 dvd also came out this past summer with artwork made by Tsuyoshi.
Tsuyoshi also started up an instagram page thanks to johnny and ENDRECHERI started up a twitter to promote GO TO FUNK which I thought was one of the most fun albums this year. I listened to it so much and I played a lot of it too on #iheartjrock. But I bought this dvd and watched it a few times. It’s magical and beautiful and I love it my most favorite thing of 2021

Figures I start liking a band the year they go on haitus.. I am not sure if anything was officially put out in 2021 by Arashi. I have a favorite tho.. do you know what it is? Do you think they will get back together soon?

SixTONES posted the last video of 2021

they must of had an amazing new years eve

This The Gazette song is my favorite rock song this past year. I love it so much. I love MASS so much. I am so thankful for every song. They are all beautiful. The Gazette are such an amazing band. They have been around for 20 years. I am so happy for them.

MUCC also put out an amazing song this past 2021. They broke lost a member bet kept on rocking with new music and tour.

Hyde rocks non stop. If he is not touring with his solo career he is touring with L’Arc En Ciel putting out new songs doing a 30 year anniversary tour, appearing on japanese television. there is no end to hyde-san successful year in japan, i am glad to experience it in usa also. i do miss seeing vamps live in the usa. they were always so much fun.

Arlequin have new music and endless touring in japan. Here is one of their songs.

If you made it down this far.. THANKS!! Please remember to check out these bands and also check out #iheartjrock on Sat Nights. This week is the best of. So exciting!

And if you made it this far listening to #iheartjrock thanks a lot. 2021 has been a crazy year and I am so happy to have all you with me.

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