Artist Photo, Cover Art, and Teaser Trailer Released for Makoto Furukawa’s 4th Single “Ware, Bara ni Insu”

Makoto Furukawa, a popular voice actor known for various game and anime roles such as Ronaldo in The Vampire Dies in No Time and Sherlock Holmes in Moriarty the Patriot, will be releasing his 4th single “Ware, Bara ni Insu” on February 16, 2022. Today, a new artist photo, the single’s cover art, and a teaser trailer were released.

▼Teaser trailer

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The single’s title song, “Ware, Bara ni Insu,” is the opening theme of the currently running anime Requiem of the Rose King.
Requiem of the Rose King is a dark fantasy based on a manga by Aya Kanno that is in turn based on Shakespeare’s plays Henry VI and Richard III. The manga has sold a total of 1.8 million copies to date. The lyrics for “Ware, Bara ni Insu” were written by Arika Takarano of ALI PROJECT, and combined with the voice of Makoto Furukawa, the song perfectly expresses the world of the anime.


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