Must-see for music creators! Music from Lantis becomes available for sampling! BANDAI NAMCO Arts Concludes a License Agreement with Tracklib

BANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Satoshi Kono), the operator of the music label Lantis, has entered into a license agreement with Tracklib Holdings AB (head office: Stockholm, Sweden; CEO: Pӓr Almqvist), the operator of Swedish music sampling platform Tracklib. The service will make sounds sourced from Lantis available for sampling.

Realization of a virtuous cycle in the sampling culture

Sampling is a process of creating a new song by reusing a portion of a sound source from an existing song. Because of the difficulty in obtaining clearance from the copyright holders of the song and of the master recording, there have been many cases of unauthorized sampling, making it difficult for both creators and copyright owners to produce revenue. The sampling licensing platform Tracklib solves this issue faced by music creators. Subscribers can promptly and easily get a license to sample arbitrary parts of music. They can apply to release it worldwide through music streaming services, etc. through the Tracklib service’s website and register their usage information.

In addition to enhanced convenience for subscribers, this will also provide an opportunity for people to reuse existing original music in new ways to realize a virtuous cycle whereby a part of the profits from the new song created using samples will return to the writer, composer and artist of the sampled song as royalties.

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