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I took a few days off to recover and went back this morning. I did an hour, worked on my upper body, my midsection and my legs. Today I watched some music videos on youtube to keep me sane. There were a lot of people at the gym this morning 😤

#BUCKTICK #THEGAZETTE #OBLIVIONDUST #NEWKIDSONTHEBLOCK (They are from Massachusetts and part of the #80s)

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BUCK TICK live dvd with JUST ONE MORE KISS , DJANGO, Coyate, Rondo, ALICE in Wonderunderground and more!
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The Gazette Blinding Hope live! They are having their 20th anniversary and are finally getting around to touring for their MASS cd. Maybe they will have a world tour?
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Oblivion Dust are having their 25th anniversary this year. This is a clip from the SAYONARA Zepp Tokyo performance. It was streamed live and I got to watch it over and over again for about a week afterwards. I loved it so much and I miss it terribly. It was a great show, lots of great songs.


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The New Kids on the Block have a new song and video and collab we didn’t know we needed. It a great homage to one of our favorite generations. THE 80’S!!!

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